Waldon is a cleric of the goddess of the natural cycle Senusret.

Waldron is in his early 50’s, he is tall and well built with square broad shoulders. A strong chin covered which is covered in several days of silver stubble along with his straggly shoulder length hair gives his an unkempt look. He has blue eyes which slightly bloodshot and his nose has started to get redder as he has aged form drinking.

He wears old chainmail armour clearly old and patched with shiny rings mixed into the overall slightly tarnished whole. He carries a large battered and dented steel shield covered in scrapes and dents but on which you can just make out a faded holy symbol of his goddess (a circle of gold and iron with an ankh in the center). He carries a mace that is worn and is clearly fashioned in a style that was popular maybe 30 years ago.

He stinks of booze and is never without a drink, and he carries an unbreakable flask for this purpose filled with his precious favorite tipple Sarthian Brandy. Waldon is a functional alcoholic and never without his supple of drink as he needs to drink every hour he is awake, no longer does mere alcohol affect Waldon and he know that the days draw to an end and maybe soon Senusret will send a reaper for him.

Waldron was once a powerful cleric and went forth as his goddess commands to protect the circle. He wandered the land and fought the good fight, but time and constant death his of companions made Waldron lose his faith and with it he slowly lost his powers granted by the goddess, and abilities of experience have faded as he retreated more and more into the bottle.

Now he is rekindled his faith slowly but surely a last great quest is before him, a chance to redeem himself for years of failure and go into the next life forgiven, he already has the feeling that some of the favors of the goddess returning to him (as such I will instead of learn new abilities just be recovering the favours of Sensuret).

Gruff and rude, he has the advantage that drink allows the drunk of not caring if he offends. He does underneath feel strong compassion but also knows when someones time is up on this earth and will not waste time trying to heal those who cannot be saved, he will make them comfortable and ease pain.



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