The Free Nation of Benias

Spread across multiple landmasses, Benias spans from Yeth to the Agarren Empire in the north and along the fertile banks of the Benaseelie river to the south. Founded by escaped slaves from Julatra, the people of Benias value freedom and learning above all else – the things their ancestors were denied for generations.

Major settlements / cities: [with links to wiki pages]
Other places of interest: [with links to wiki pages]

What sort of animals might be commonly encountered in the wilderness? What sort of people might be commonly encountered in the civilised areas?

Culture and Law

How do people live? What traditions and superstitions do they have? What are the fashions for how people dress? What are the things this culture produces like? What gods do they worship?

Restrictions on magic use: [how does the nation monitor, control, or limit (punish?) the use of magic?]

Restrictions on carrying weapons: Outside of common tools such as daggers/knives, staves, sickles and other farming implements, the public carrying of weapons is heavily restricted in Benias. Militia officials will require any civilians and travellers to peace bond their weapons to their scabbards (or will confiscate them if this is not possible) and seal the bond with wax to make it obvious if the bond is broken. As such, many citizens of Benias who do not wish to be limited to simple weapons have learnt unarmed combat techniques.


Benian people have a deep hatred of Julatrans, and a distrust of Julatran allies.

Relations between Benias and Yeth are excellent. They share a wary mutual respect with the Agarrens, and find the Kapak and Warangul primitive, but try to get on will all their neighbours unless they fear oppression or violence.

Key Factions

What important factions have a base in this nation, and what are their goals locally? This includes religions and the ruling power. Wiki page links if required…


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