An old and wise people knowledge is the driving force of the Gaisahl (guy – sal), an understanding of both themselves and the world in which they live. An open and welcoming people. Predominantly a forest dwelling race, The Gaisahl are one with nature honouring and protecting it.

Major settlements / cities: [with links to wiki pages]
Other places of interest: [with links to wiki pages]

What sort of animals might be commonly encountered in the wilderness? What sort of people might be commonly encountered in the civilised areas?

Culture and Law

How do people live? What traditions and superstitions do they have? What are the fashions for how people dress? What are the things this culture produces like? What gods do they worship?

Restrictions on magic use: [how does the nation monitor, control, or limit (punish?) the use of magic?]

Restrictions on carrying weapons: [are there any measures to control who carries a weapon in public?]


What are relations like with other nations? What are the nation’s main trade import/exports?

Key Factions

What important factions have a base in this nation, and what are their goals locally? This includes religions and the ruling power. Wiki page links if required…


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