Queeg/ The Queegan Empire

Brief info on the geography and history of the nation here; its roots, key moments and people etc.
A proud and untrusting nation of great seafarers, entrance to the nation is heavily guarded and almost impossible by sea without express permission. Much of the cities are joined by both water and road although the capital Queeg and [CITY NAME] are accessible only by boat. Queegans are a often single minded people and thought of by many Nations of the world to be a nation of Pirates. Much is true as the queegan’s generally consider only themselves and their own kin. Loyal to their emperor and their lands almost to a fault.

Be wary of ships sailing the queegan flag as their reputation as pirates is well deserved in many regards.

Major settlements / cities: [Queeg]
Other places of interest: [with links to wiki pages]

What sort of animals might be commonly encountered in the wilderness? What sort of people might be commonly encountered in the civilised areas?

Culture and Law

How do people live? What traditions and superstitions do they have? What are the fashions for how people dress? What are the things this culture produces like? What gods do they worship?

Restrictions on magic use: [how does the nation monitor, control, or limit (punish?) the use of magic?]
Magic is mistrusted but not entirely forbidden although there are ‘Black arts’ which practicing can be punished by banishment or death
Restrictions on carrying weapons:
Sword hilts are buckled to their scabbards upon entering any city within the empire, Travellers must gain permission from the local lord/royal household to continue to carry their weapons (although some restrictions may be left in place) or have them removed from their person, Queegans may obtain licenses for their own city or Directly from the Emperor to carry weapons throughout the nation, (although restrictions still may be placed upon them such as continuing to keep them buckled up)
Members of the royal guard are free to carry weapons throughout the empire.


What are relations like with other nations? What are the nation’s main trade import/exports?

Key Factions

What important factions have a base in this nation, and what are their goals locally? This includes religions and the ruling power. Wiki page links if required…

Game Data

Common class choices: Fighter, Ranger, Rogue,
Uncommon class choices: Barbarian, Cleric, Paladin, Warlock, Sorcerer, Wizard, Druid
Restricted class choices: None

Racial Traits for “variant” humans: Always +1 to Str and +1 to Int suggested proficiency in one of the following skills: [] and suggested starting feats include [].

Languages: Queegans are very stubborn and resistant to learning the language of other nations only those who seek to better there understanding of the world know more than one language.
Languages known – Queegan and characters with high Int scores (12 or higher) know 1 other language

Exotic Weapon:

Name Cost Damage Weight Properties
(subject) (to) (DM) (approval) (etc.)

Proficiency can only be gained if you are proficient with [martial weapons] and non-proficient use [follows the normal rules / weapon counts as a standard … / etc. ]

Available Backgrounds:

Name Skill proficiencies (two) Extra languages, tool/vehicle or exotic weapon profs (two) Equipment package
(at) (least) (one) (please)


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