The tribal and backwards Rathiniva (Rath-In-via) are a patchwork of small clans each occupy a few hundred sq miles of the Isle of Leuress. The Rathiniva and have done so since the dawn of time. The Island is hilly and rocky with poor soil, marshes and twisted old forests. The clans have also covered it in barrow mounds, standing stones, henges and hill forts.

Major settlements / cities: [with links to wiki pages]
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What sort of animals might be commonly encountered in the wilderness? What sort of people might be commonly encountered in the civilised areas?

The land is wild with large population of wild pigs to be found in the forests, deer and elk are also common. Bears both black and brown and fearsome cave bears (dire bear) are to be encountered in the highlands. Mountain lions and wolves prey on both wildlife and livestock.

Culture and Law

How do people live? What traditions and superstitions do they have? What are the fashions for how people dress? What are the things this culture produces like? What gods do they worship?

They are a primitive iron age people living in small clans based on the extended family groups, the most powerful male is the chieftain and some style themselves kings and rule petty kingdoms some of which are very small not more than a hundred square miles.

The people of this land build wicker and daub roundhouses surrounded by stockades for protection, but the more powerful clans occupy hill-forts and dominate surrounding clans.

The Rathinivan clans have more tales and both tall and factual than any other people, lacking a written form of their language they are an oral people as such honour the bard, for in this culture he/she is seem as a keeper of tribal lore and history.

Males wear trousers often checked and simple tunics of wool, heavy cloaks are worn as are heavy thick belts. Ratininivans are a proud and quarrelsome people often this spills over into bloodshed and as such males carry long knives for self protection at all times, women sometimes also carry these weapons,

Restrictions on magic use: [how does the nation monitor, control, or limit (punish?) the use of magic?]
Restrictions on carrying weapons: [are there any measures to control who carries a weapon in public?]


What are relations like with other nations? What are the nation’s main trade import/exports?

Key Factions

What important factions have a base in this nation, and what are their goals locally? This includes religions and the ruling power. Wiki page links if required…

Game Data

Common class choices: (list)
Uncommon class choices: (list)
Restricted class choices: (list)

Racial Traits for “variant” humans: Always +1 to [a physical attribute] and +1 to [a mental attribute], suggested proficiency in one of the following skills: [] and suggested starting feats include [].

Languages: [the language of the nation] and one of [a list of languages of neighbouring and allied nations]

Exotic Weapon:

Name Cost Damage Weight Properties
(subject) (to) (DM) (approval) (etc.)

Proficiency can only be gained if you are proficient with [martial weapons] and non-proficient use [follows the normal rules / weapon counts as a standard … / etc. ]

Available Backgrounds:

Name Skill proficiencies (two) Extra languages, tool/vehicle or exotic weapon profs (two) Equipment package
(at) (least) (one) (please)


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