All characters in Kandalar are Human as per the PHB, either “standard” or “variant”.

Point buy as per the book, or use the array. Roll 3d6-make-the-lowest-a-three if you must roll.

STR Physical muscle and gross motor skills. Melee/thrown attacks, carrying capacity, combat stuff etc. STR saves would be for e.g. pulling yourself up onto a ledge, bracing a falling ceiling
CON General healthiness. HP and all that. CON saves would be for endurance tests, resisting e.g. poisons and disease, seeing how drunk you get
DEX Reaction speed and fine motor skills. AC, ranged/finesse attacks, initiative IN MOST SITUATIONS. DEX saves for leaping out of the way, dodging, getting through a closing door in time etc.
INT Intelligence and capacity for learning. Skills and spellcasting. INT saves would be to see through illusions, work out what’s going on in time (so could be rolled as initiative in certain circumstances). Investigate will be used over Perception in a lot of cases for finding secret doors etc, and INT can be used with thieves’ tools for complicated/puzzle locks etc.
WIS Experience, common sense, and “world-wise”ness. Skills and spellcasting. WIS saves to resist spells, but not in all cases, and to resist being frightened by e.g. animals. So could be used as initiative in cases where bravery is more important than reactions in determining who goes first.
CHA Inner resolve and self confidence. NOT COMELINESS. Skills and spellcasting. CHA saves to resist charm / mind control effects and to resist the horror the forces of darkness. So likewise could be used in place of initiative in certain circumstances.

Level cap is 12, XP progression up to 12th level is as per the book. Multiclassing requirements are as per the book.

Equipment and shopping

I’ll determining what services are available in cities, towns and villages … this will determine the availability of items for purchase. Not 100% set in stone but I’d say there was a cumulative 10% change of an item being available per craftsman, and commissions are taken at double the speed in the crafting rules (1 day per 10gp) as these people have understudies etc.

e.g. 3 blacksmiths would give a rough 30% chance of finding a specific simple metal weapon, a breastplate, etc. but one of them could be commissioned to make one if they didn’t have any in stock.

Variant rests and healing mechanics

Short rests are overnight (6 of 8 hours sleep) and long rests are 24 hours downtime.

Characters can make a Heal check and expend a use from a Healer’s kit to let another character spend one Hit Dice as normal for HP. This takes 30 – the check result minutes. This ability is open to anyone and so the feat that improves Healer’s kits is redundant in this game.

Characters can use a Herbalism kit or Brewer’s or Alchemists’ supplies to produce healing and restorative items, DM discretion.

Magic items

Magic items are ancient, powerful artifacts and therefore rarer, including “common” ones, but can still be found in treasure hoards and quested for. Holding, or even being near, one can Taint a character.

The Taint of Evil

Evil items and places Taint characters, twisting them into hideous mockeries of life before devouring their body and/or mind. Spellcasters can choose to cast spells without using a slot but this is likely to be the fastest way to pick up Taint.

Taint manifests as physical mutations and the loss of self control; if your Taint equals your CON or WIS then you suffer Disadvantage on all rolls linked to that attribute. If it equals double CON or double WIS then your mind or body are consumed and you effectively “die” as you become some sort of monster…

New Feat: Embrace Taint – you can ignore the negative effects of Taint as described above. If you are a Paladin you must become an Oathbreaker. If you are a Life Cleric you must change domains to Death, any other Clerics may choose to change domain to Death in this way. Rangers, Druids, and any other classes that have spells and abilities relating to “beasts” must change this to refer to one of: Aberrations, Fiends, Monstrosities, or Undead. You may not cast any healing or restorative spells, although you can still use abilities that grant temporary HP. You are effectively choosing to be evil.


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