The Kingdom of Sarth

Brief info on the geography and history of the nation here; its roots, key moments and people etc.

Major settlements / cities: [with links to wiki pages]
Other places of interest: [with links to wiki pages]

What sort of animals might be commonly encountered in the wilderness? What sort of people might be commonly encountered in the civilised areas?

Culture and Law

How do people live? What traditions and superstitions do they have? What are the fashions for how people dress? What are the things this culture produces like? What gods do they worship?

Restrictions on magic use: [how does the nation monitor, control, or limit (punish?) the use of magic?]
Restrictions on carrying weapons: [are there any measures to control who carries a weapon in public?]


What are relations like with other nations? What are the nation’s main trade import/exports?

Key Factions

The Royal Court of Sarth governs the nation from the capital and controls the running of the nation by a standard feudal hierarchy.

The Order of Serapi is the major religion in Sarth, with temples in all the nation’s cities – and at least a shrine everywhere else.

The Inner Sea Company has offices in the major ports of the kingdom and controls (and protects) a lot of the trade between Sarth and other nations round the Inner Sea.

The agents of the Queegan Syndicate and Zataran Cala Xuclar are always vying to exert influence over events in the nation, which the local governments generally keep on top of by paying and training the milita well, and hiring trustworthy mercenaries when required.

Game Data

Racial Traits for “variant” humans: Always alert to foreign threats, Sarthians receive +1 to STR and +1 to WIS, suggested proficiency in one of the following skills: [] and suggested starting feats include [].

Languages: Sarthian (the national language) and one other.

Exotic Weapon:

Name Cost Damage Weight Properties
(subject) (to) (DM) (approval) (etc.)

Proficiency can only be gained if you are proficient with [martial weapons] and non-proficient use [follows the normal rules / weapon counts as a standard … / etc. ]

National Backgrounds:

Name Skill proficiencies (two) Extra languages, tool/vehicle or exotic weapon profs (two) Equipment package


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