Senusret (Sen-Us-Ret) Goddess of the Circle of Life


Our Lady of Pity, Gather of Souls, Caregiver, The Mistress of the Circle

Domains: Life/Death She is predominately a healer of sickness and injury and the bringer of death, not a life goddess or one of death, but she more an advocate between the two gods who are also her parents and Life and Death are their full domains. She bringer neither life to the world nor does she rule over the dead, she is simply the the collector of souls and conveys them to the afterlife and she heals only those whose time is not yet finished upon the earth

Senusret appears as a female figure split into two distinct forms, she is divided down the middle and is represented standing with arms either crossed or more commonly the right arm is out stretched.
The left side is a beautiful young woman wearing a flowing red dress and is full of life with dark eyes, her red lips are slightly parted as she is smiling beguilingly with white teeth clearly on show, she is fresh faced with rosy cheeks. All these features show her to a youthful beauty full of life and joy, whilst a golden halo above her dark flowing hair shows her divinity as the daughter of Saule.

The right side of the figure is an old crone, haggered and withered. Gone are luxuriant lox and instead thin grey hair hangs limply from her head. The fresh face is now deeply wrinkled and now warts and blemishes are to be seen. The plump check is now bony and sagging and her bright eye is sunken into its socket. The beautiful smile has been twisted and the toothless mouth now grimaces in pain. The flowing dress is gone and now she wears a grey shroud like dress, ragged and torn, and from which ribs can be glimpsed showing her to be of a wasted and age wracked old woman. The halo is now twisted and tarnished iron which befits a daughter of the underworld god.

In her left hand she hold a golden Ankh, the staff of life, whilst her right hand is outstretched with fingers slightly apart, balanced precariously in her hand she holds a skull facing out toward the viewer as if offering to them.

Sensuret is the illegitimate daughter of Saule and the underworld god Velar, born from a time when Saule was lured into the underworld and ravished. She sprang from a pool into which of Saule’s tears fell fully formed. This child does not affect Saule reputation for purity and maidenhood.

Senusret is a goddess of the circle of life from birth to death and as such she is neutral in outlook as she is nether evil nor good, and is viewed as both by the faithful who worship different aspects depending on the circumstances they are asking her to help them with. She is an especially popular goddess with the urban poor and with rural peasants who see her as a guardian and ender of pain.

Senusret commands a band of angels who act as her grim reapers, these black winged angels sometimes take the form of jackdaws and to be visited by one is seen as a portent of death. Sometimes the old and very sick scatter breadcrumb by the window in hope of luring a Jackdaw to the sill (a sure sign of death to the faithful) and greet the bird as a welcome visitor and know that soon an their will be an end to a life filled with toil.

Those who call upon her will not only see her as a bringer of death but more likely a bringer of health and children. Sometimes she favors the poor and takes their children to the heaven early so to spare them toil and misery some of the faithful find this to be comforting.

She is a healer of sickness and injury and a reliever of pain, and as such she is the patron goddess of physicians. It is only generally later in life as the years pass that the faithful see her more in the guise of the ender of pain and misery, the bringer of everlasting life after death.

Prayers: Prayers are offered nightly, but special prayers and rites are said during a woman’s labour for protection during childbirth, other rites are used to invoke her to heal the sick, but it is considered to be very foolish to invoke her name too many times, lest she take an interest in you and send a reaper to take you and yours early into the afterlife.

Clergy: Her clergy are clerics who wander the lands (like friars) bringing both life saving healing to the righteous and death to those who would despoil the natural order and break the circle.

Symbol: Holy Symbol is a half gold half iron circle with an ankh in the middle by which it is held, holy texts is inscribed on both sides of the circle.

Avatars: The Jackdaw is her portent of doom and indicates death.

Sacred Animals: The Jackdaw is her animal and to kill one brings extreme bad luck.

Festivals: The night before your birthday you offer up a feat for friends and family in her name.

Senusret (Sen-Us-Ret) Goddess of the Circle of Life

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