Each of your gods can take one action per turn:

Create Race to add a playable race(subrace) to the world. Creator gets to determine their “fluff” and we use the “crunch” from the rules. Still open to home brewing as long as it’s balanced.

A race needs a wiki page with: mechanics (bonuses/special rules) which can just be which race rules they use, physical description, lifespan, customs and legends. Races don’t equal civilisations, this is just to determine what we can play as. Subraces of the same race can be “related” or not, up to the creator of the subrace…

Create Civ to found a civilisation and put it on the map. Needs a wiki page with: the race(s) that make it up (can be one race or multiple, PC and “monster” races) and a rough idea of what the culture is like. As time goes on we’ll end with more details- laws, customs, languages, and I’d ideally like a Background for each to replace the rubbishy PHB ones. Each Civ also needs a ruling Power, and a starting location on the map.

Create Power creates a Sect, Order, or Avatar. Sects are used for indirect control of Civs (the priests exert the gods’ will on the people, essentially letting you command them), Orders are autonomous and have a purpose … they just keep working away at their mission so don’t need further actions spent on commands. Avatars are representatives of the god on earth; great leaders (Moses?) or demigods (Hercules?) or named monsters (Smaug? Dracula?) – powerful individuals. You can control Avatars directly.


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