Saule – The Maiden

A beautiful fair haired maiden wearing a golden sunburst crown, long white flowing dress. She travels the sky in a golden chariot pulled by four white horses, shinning her blessings and love down upon the world.

Goddess of: Light, Life, Fertility, the Sun, Woman

Domains: Light / Life

Mēness – The Horseman

A powerfully built bearded warrior dressed in classical armour carrying a shield that is bares the moon’s phases. He is the suitor of Saule, he is always chasing her across the sky on his black steed Belus which has a fiery tail (a comet?).

God of: Warriors, Protection, Harvest, the Moon, Man

Domains: War / Light

Glitschen – The Serpent

Depicted as the shadow of a snake, Glitshen brings destruction and darkness in his wake. The lord of darkness is locked in eternal struggle with Meness; for once he (the moon) has been consumed there is no-one left to stop Glischen devouring the Sun and bringing eternal darkness.

Tainted souls that give themselves to Glitschen become undead.

God of: Darkness, Assassins, Poison and Disease, Destruction

Domains: Death / War

Zratha – The Smith

A strong, armoured man often shown riding an enormous albatross into battle, Zratha is the lord of the skies and all things in them. He rules the skies from the upper branches of the World Tree and is locked in conflict with Velar over the seas.

God of: Storms, Air, Birds, Clouds, Smiths and Craftsmen, Metal, Swords

Domains: Tempest / War

Velar – The Wyrm

Dwelling in the bowels of the earth at the deepest roots of the World Tree, Velar is often depicted as a bearded reptile with any number of legs from none to hundreds. He is lord of the earth and all under it – including the Underworld – and eternally arguing over the seas with Zratha.

God of: Earth, the Underworld, Lizards and Invertebrates, Farming and Livestock

Domains: Death / Nature

Senusret – The Circle of Life

Senusret is a goddess of the circle of life from birth to death and as such she is neutral in outlook as she is nether evil nor good, and is viewed as both by the faithful who worship different aspects depending on the circumstances they are asking her to help them with. She is an especially popular goddess with the urban poor and with rural peasants who see her as a guardian and ender of pain.

Goddess of: Healing, Mercy, Childbirth, Seasons, Death

Domains: Life / Death

Demerus – The Liar

The corrupter of both men and gods, Demerus is always shown as a beautiful maiden with hollow black eyes. She raids both the Overworld and the Underworld for corrupted souls to harvest for her own. Like Glitschen, she resides outside the sphere of the world, but under it instead of above.

Tainted souls who give themselves to Demerus become fiends.

Goddess of: Corruption, Madness, Treachery, Domination, Illusions

Domains: Knowledge / Trickery

Serapi – The Keeper of Keys

Oft depicted as a wise old man holding a book (or books) and either keys or a lantern, Serapi knows all and is tasked with keeping the secrets of the universe. He does not often interact with the other gods, keeping a professional distance.

God of: Knowledge, Magic, Secrets and Truths, Literacy

Domains: Knowledge

Artiu – The Lady of the Forest

Daughter of Zratha and a fey queen long since forgotten, twin of Khepri. Less capricious than her sister, Artiu is the barefoot and bear-headed guardian of the wild places.

Goddess of: Wilderness, Wild Mammals and Insects, Freedom, Trees, Lycanthropes

Domains: Nature

Khepri – The Trickster

Artiu’s younger twin, and daughter of Zratha, fox-headed Khepri inherited her mother’s love of trickery and the chaotic.

Goddess of: Misadventure, Luck (good or ill), Revelry, Wine, Entropy

Domains: Trickery

The Prophet – Rylannor

Born of Saule and Meness, Rylannor was sent to live among men but was more than a man himself. Uniting the local tribes under his teachings – to worship the Light of his parents as one, not as separate entities – legend has it that he founded what became the Agarren Empire and (some even say) was its first Emperor. Rylannor’s name and teachings are still carried throughout the Empire today, and his worship is being brought to more people by missionaries every day.

Rylannor’s aspects are, perhaps naturally, those of both Saule and Menes’s.

The Titans – Balamust and Terramas

Jealous of his domain as lord of the Earth, Demerus corrupted and seduced Velar at the dawn of the world, which ultimately led to her ejection from it. Born of the union of these good and evil gods, the twin dragons Balamust and Terramus fought tooth and nail for a thousand years, nearly tearing the world asunder. Finally tricked by Khepri into being caught by Zratha, they were cast into the sky and beyond, to Meness, where they now reside as the morning and evening stars to keep them apart.

Balamust, the Morningstar, is Saule’s herald and god of Messengers, Hope, and Peace

Terramas, the Evenstar, is the vanguard of darkness and god of Thieves, Despair and Nightmares


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