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The Agarren Empire

The largest of the Kandalar nations, extending over most of the east of the area. The people of the Empire are civilised and pious.

The Agossian League of Cities

A league of free cities in the cold, primitive south-east of Kandalar. The league survives on trade, mainly spices and foreign goods.


A barbarian nation in the warm northern plains of western Kandalar, Avranthians live in harmony with nature as much as possible.


Descendants of escaped Julatran slaves, the freedom-loving nation Benias is split between the metropolitan north and the rural south by the Strait of Bazarus.


Rathinivan tribes organised by a sect claiming to be the descendants of Dragons, the Daravad are nomads and raiders who hold martial prowess in high regard.


The easygoing primitive people of Gaisahl dwell in the pine forests between Queeg and Kapak.


The peace-loving river tribes of Kalincia is made up of floating settlements and thrives as a neutral trade hub between several of the north-western nations.


Nomadic horse lords from the frigid southern plains, the Kapak are a proud people of hunters.


Nestled on the hot north-western coast of Kandalar, Nadanga is a wealthy nation of foreign traders and nobles.

The Empire of Queeg

Distrustful of others, the Empire of Queeg sits along the rivers of the south-west of the region behind its many forts and watchtowers.

The clans of Rathiniva

Tribal people of the warm inland islands of Ise Leuress and Isa Rala, Rathinivans are clannish and respect the ancient ways of their people.

The Kingdom of Sarth

Proud, strong, and civilised, Sarth is a temperate nation of traders and mercenaries in western Kandalar.


The Tiered City, Salanth lies on the western shores of the Inner Sea.


Annexed by the Agarren Empire but still wild and untamed, Thrun lies to the north of the Agarren peninsula.


High in the mountains of Gruun lies the ancestral home of the Valash, who now inhabit much of the hills and plains to the north of Kandalar.


The primitive forest dwellers of Warangul live far from most of the civilised areas.


Ruled by the god-king from the citadel of Uxmal, the people of Zalakar are oppressed and war-weary.


Escaped from Zalakar and founding a new life in the mountains and plains to the north of the black city, the Zalamasi are a mystic people who seek to awaken their own mastery of the magical forces wielded by Xerxes of Zalakar.


Raiders from foreign lands, the Zataran people are black of skin and heart.

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